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What is Stucco?

Stucco is a fine plaster for interior and exterior walls, including mouldings—usually composed of cement, sand and lime—that offers both different options in ornamentation and, simultaneously, durability.

Bringing value and beauty to your home or office, stucco is a versatile material that creates a timeless look and a low maintenance finish.

Stucco is the prevalent exterior material of choice for a majority of higher end homes. Aesthetically, nothing matches the clean, elegant look of exterior stucco. Stucco is the easiest way to entirely change the look of your home or business without having to change the overall structure. It can be applied over existing brick, block, masonite, and wood siding.

Stucco is the “concrete-like” substance that is characterized by many types of finishes, like dash finish, sand finish, smooth finish and others and is one of the strongest options for your exterior. Stucco’s durability is able to withstand large amounts of heat and moisture.

Stucco adds elegance to any building by enhancing its architectural beauty, is an effective insulation system that is energy efficient, and can withstand extreme weather changes.


Not sure what a stucco installation actually is?
Stucco is a cement-based siding material that offers many benefits to local homeowners:


Hassle-Free Maintenance:

When installed by our trained experts at Osoyoos Stucco, stucco is expected to last for decades! Many cracks can be easily fixed with professional stucco repairs.

Energy Efficiency:

Stucco is a great insulator, wrapping your home in a layer of protection to block out the hot sun and cold winds.


With its diversity of colors and textures, stucco allows you to achieve virtually any look you prefer—from that classic adobe aesthetic to something contemporary and unexpected.

Long-Term Use:

Above and beyond any manufacturer warranties, we back our stucco installations with an additional four-year labor warranty.

Value Increase:

Stucco increases the value of your home. Look around the Okanagan, Kootenays and the Similkameen and you will see that stucco is the prevalent exterior material of choice for a majority of higher end homes.

From pre-bid consultation to post project follow up, we pay attention to details for your property.

Giving your home a timeless look

When the corners are sharp, the walls are smooth and the moldings impeccable, we know our customers will say, “Wow, what a beautiful house”. And for us at Osoyoos Stucco, that is music to our ears.

Osoyoos Stucco has a full range of stucco materials to complete any size project. Along with a variety of colors, our stucco is designed to endure the local climate.

And with Osoyoos Stucco, you’ll have a huge variety of design choices! We can customize the perfect look for your home exterior, from solid and smooth to subtle lace texturing.

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Stucco Services we Provide

Acrylic Stucco

Stucco cement plaster is applied as a basecoat to seal moisture out and allow vapour permeability. After the basecoat cures, the acrylic stucco can be applied in the colour that suits your architectural design. Acrylics are available in a wide range of texture and colours, so you are not limited in choice. Acrylic stucco is resistant to cracks because of its elasticity and colours stay resilient and bright through seasonal temperature fluctuations.

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California Style Stucco

If you want a modern, yet Mediterranean flair to your home design, California Stucco may be exactly what you are looking for. Economical and durable, California Stucco is a great choice for sound proofing, water resistance with minimal maintenance.

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Custom and Free Style Stucco

Whatever stucco product you choose, you can be creative with the application. New stucco finishing will increase the value of your new or older home and look great through the seasonal changes we see here in the Okanagan Valley, from hot sunny summers to the snow and cold rains of winter.

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Stonework can be both decorative and functional. Allan Blocks can be used to fortify a bank and stabilize the soil against erosion. When applied as a decorative element to your garden, paving or natural stones can beautify your outdoor living space while keeping the area clean. If your property needs stonework, we invite you to call us for consultations in design and materials

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Stucco Installation

Our expert team has all the experience and firsthand knowledge to install stucco in your property. All our installations come with warranties, ensuring you get quality stucco for longer.

Stucco Repair

Proper Stucco repairs and reapplication is labor intensive and expensive. Applied correctly, to manufacturing specifications, properly maintained stucco can save homeowners and businesses from more costly structural repairs down the line. We believe our clients deserve the best the first time around, eliminating the need for costly follow-up work. We provide all Stucco Services, and no job is too big or small.

Our Stucco Repair surfaces address everything from crack filling to whole house stucco replacement. We commit to carefully follow industry standard techniques, rehabbing your property and reviving its beauty.

Stucco Painting

With a huge selection of colors available, we can give your stucco a long-lasting and natural look that enhances the quality and value of your property.