About Us

Our History

Osoyoos Stucco’s owner Sukhdarshan Singh Dhaliwal (most people usually call him Darshan) is the proprietor of this family owned and operated company. Darshan immigrated to Vancouver in 1994 from Punjab. In 1995, Darshan started his career in Canada working for a stucco company in Vancouver.

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Darshan has the work ethic, knowledge of his industry and drive to succeed. He worked hard so that he could relocate and start his own business in Osoyoos, the community nestled in the scenic and stunning rolling dry desert hills. He fulfilled his dream of starting his own company after determining that there was a need for a really good stucco contactor in the area. Our family has been in the stucco industry for over 25 years, providing clients with top-quality services for all their projects. Darshan demonstrates that opportunities do exist for people with entrepreneurial drive, commitment to innovation and good support around them. The Dhaliwal family are very proud to call the South Okanagan home.

While Darshan started off as a one-man crew, he would even work on entire houses on his own. His very first commercial stucco project was the Holiday Inn Hotel in Osoyoos.

Darshan has done the majority of his stucco work in Osoyoos. He is a good farmer and a good businessman. His customers like him, he listens and is easy to get along with, and is a very hard worker.

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Under Darshan ‘s leadership, Osoyoos Stucco proudly operates in the whole Okanagan and Similkameen as well as Kootenays areas, serving customers as far as Caslo.

A family business, Darshan’s wife Daljit has been a huge part of Osoyoos Stucco working behind the scenes handling all of the paperwork since the very beginning. While Darshan still runs the company, he is very proud that his sons Gurlal and Kavneer have joined the company to help take the business to o the next level. Gurlal and Kavneer are excited about building their careers in the dynamic, vibrant and growing community in the Okanagan Valley.

Farming is in Darshan’s genes. A second arm to the business is farming. In 2005, the Dhaliwals bought a farm, planted grapes and made our vineyard. On the side, Darshan grows grapes for exceptional red wines for award-winning wineries such as Jackson Triggs Winery. We give our new stucco customers a bottle of wine to enjoy as we make their dream homes a reality!

About Osoyoos Stucco

We are proud to provide excellent Stucco Service to our clients. We always receive accolades for our Stucco Services from our customers.

Our Customers

We work on regular homes, apartment buildings, hotels and luxury high-end custom-built dream homes.

So whether you’re a general contractor or a private homeowner, we take your work seriously and we approach every project with the same professionalism and attention to detail that has earned the respect of builders throughout the Okanagan, Kootenays and Similkameen.


Why Choose Us?

  • We been in the industry for over 25 years, and we’ve developed a solid understanding of client needs, working on both residential & commercial projects
  • We’re local contractors. Seeking to support local business is vital to our economy and building local clients is vital to our success. We believe that local is best and strive to provide prompt, hands-on responses to onsite issues, as well as closely monitor job status.
  • Projects of all sizes. Most Stucco projects are often too big and complex to be handled by amateurs. We stand behind our work and oversee all jobs, inside and out, of any size. Osoyoos Stucco proudly offers everything from minor crack repair to full house reapplications. Our contractors are competent and efficient.
  • We are Stucco Experts. Osoyoos Stucoo believes in educating and training our contractors, on all manufacturing standards and changes. We want to stay up to date on all products and applications on the market. Our services are always professional. When you hire Osoyoos Stucco, you’re guaranteed the most fantastic results.
  • We are honest in our pricing and billing. We do our best to come in under budget, and you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees.