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Stucco and Stonework services since 1998.

The leading provider of stucco and stonework services in the Okanagan

Since 1998, Osoyoos Stucco Ltd. has been a leading provider of stucco and stonework services to the residential and commercial properties in the Okanagan, Similkameen and Kootenay regions.


Specialists in Acryic Stucco, California Style Stucco, and Stonework.

We specialize in acrylic and California-style stucco as well as free-style stucco. You can choose from a number of styles, so that our work best matches the look that you have in mind.

Are you looking for professional stonework? At Osoyoos Stucco, we can provide custom stone cutting. We can create and install cultured stone for the inside or outside of your property. Our decorative stonework adds a beautiful and unique element of style to your home, business or landscape. You can consult with us about the style and application of the stone, and we can promptly get to work.

So if you have an idea for a stucco or stonework project that you would like completed for your home or office, contact us for a Free Quote.

Giving your home a timeless look.

Are you preparing to finish your dream home? Perhaps you just need an exterior Stucco wall repaired. Either way, we have you covered. At Osoyoos Stucco, our stucco work is second to none in. We work with clients on projects of all sizes, consistently exceeding expectations.

Highly insulating and distinctively beautiful, our stucco installations are a wonderful, long-lasting way to improve your home exterior.

Osoyoos Stucco specializes in acrylic and California-style stucco as well as free-style stucco. You can choose from a number of styles, so that your new exterior matches your architectural style. We work on both residential homes and commercial properties. We source our products locally to support the community.

Start with a Free Design Consultation for Your Stucco Installation!

Custom design is our forte at Osoyoos Stucco! Professional quality Stucco work requires professionally skilled Stucco Contractors, with years of job experience. Whatever your needs or desire, we have texture and custom color choices to meet all our client specifications. Make Osoyoos Stucco your first choice for all future Stucco projects.

We would love to bring your new home to life with a design.

At Osoyoos Stucco, customer service is our key priority. We have a growing roster of customers working with Osoyoos Stucco gets longer every year. We take pride in establishing lasting partnerships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and doing our best work.

We look forward to serving all your needs.

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